Behavioral Health


Holy Spirit’s Behavioral Health Center, staffed by qualified mental health and co-occurring diagnoses professionals, strengthens the community in many ways. 

Crisis Intervention

The Center’s Crisis Intervention Service staff can assist individuals and professional service agencies in Cumberland and Perry counties by assessing and stabilizing people in crisis situations, such as those with suicidal or homicidal thoughts, gestures and attempts; psychotic persons; and those showing signs of serious self-neglect. Crisis Intervention also offers a Mobile Crisis Intervention Service. These staff can provide face-to-face contact with an individual who may be unwilling or unable to visit a crisis office. To reach Crisis Intervention Services, call 717-763-2222 or 1-866-350-4357.

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Holy Spirit Hospital’s 12-bed extended acute care unit (EAC) is designated for patients who need extended inpatient mental health treatment. Our care and treatment philosophy focuses on holistic, restorative and individualized care. In addition, this model provides those in need of extensive treatment with a collaborative, enriching and healing environment that focuses on acquiring and practicing skills. Our extended acute care unit operates in partnership with the State Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse and receives necessary support and funding from Cumberland/Perry, Franklin/Fulton, Dauphin, and York/Adams counties.  Holy Spirit Hospital also has a 19-bed short-term crisis stabilization unit and offers crisis intervention services, case management services, outpatient programs, and partial hospitalization programs.

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Services for Teens

The Center also staffs Teenline, a program that can help a parent trying to deal with a troubled teen or provide a Central Pennsylvania teen with somewhere to turn. Our Teenline services are designed specifically to aid young people and their families, as well as other groups and individuals who are involved with teenagers, such as teachers and church leaders.

Services for teens and their families include:

· Teenline 24-hour telephone helpline: 717-763-2345 or 800-722-5385

· Behavioral health services 

· Outpatient mental health services, including individual, group and family therapy

· Psychiatric evaluations

· Educational workshops, presentations and training on mental health topics

· Grief counseling for individuals and families.

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Services for Women

With dedicated female psychiatrists and certified nurse practitioners, we are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of women.  

Holy Spirit's Behavioral Health Center offers a Women's Behavioral Health program that helps women with emotional and/or psychological problems during pregnancy, after giving birth, and as they try to balance family and work commitments. We offer services for those in every stage of life, including our geriatric group program with focused attention on the needs of senior women.

From gender-specific issues, such as perinatal and postnatal depression and menopausal-related concerns, to anxiety and post-traumatic stress due to sexual or physical abuse, our behavioral services can play a vital role in the health and well-being of women and their families.

Programs include group and individual therapy and marital and family therapy. A Behavioral Health Center psychiatrist follows the progress of each patient.

The Center also offers a free support group for pregnant women and new mothers with babies less than one year old. "Mom's Place" is for women who feel alone, afraid, overwhelmed, sad or worried. And the Capital Region Maternal Assistance Program (MAP) is designed especially for pregnant women who have a substance abuse problem, including nicotine (see next section).

For more information on any support group, program or service, please call 717-763-2200.

Come improve your life.

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Maternal Assistance Program

The Maternal Assistance Program (MAP) provides help for pregnant women and new mothers addicted to drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco who live Cumberland, Dauphin, Lebanon and Perry counties. The program's goal is to help mothers have healthy babies by overcoming addictions and gaining control of their lives. For more information about MAP, call 717-763-3008 or 800-773-0280.

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Services for Seniors

Our Senior Adult Treatment Program, provided through our Behavioral Health Center, helps older people deal with emotional and/or psychological problems associated with aging. Group and individual therapy, marital and family therapy, and psychiatric evaluation are offered in a supportive and welcoming environment. The Senior Adult Treatment Program emphasizes socializing with peers, focusing on a sense of purpose, setting goals and managing stress.

Call 717-763-2219 for details.

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Services for People of All Ages

The Behavioral Health Center offers short-term acute inpatient treatment, extended acute care treatment, partial hospitalization and outpatient psychiatric programs to restore health and wellness to people of all ages.

The Center provides outpatient counseling and therapy for individuals, couples, families and groups. The Center also offers a Women’s Behavioral Health Program that helps women with perinatal and emotional and/or psychological problems. The Center offers a free support group for pregnant women and new mothers with babies less than 1 year old. In addition, the Center provides a Senior Behavioral Health Program that helps older adults with emotional, transitional and/or psychological problems.

Holy Spirit’s Behavioral Health Center expanded services into the Dillsburg area by offering psychiatric and counseling services with a strong emphasis on family and women’s services at the new Dillsburg Center, 126 W. Church Street.

For general information about Behavioral Health services, call 717-763-2219. For questions regarding our special programs and services, contact the following numbers:

Child and Adolescent Services - 717-763-2228

Crisis/Mobile Crisis Intervention Services - 717-763-2222 or 1-866-350-4357

Outpatient Mental Health Services - 

Senior Behavioral Health Services - 717-763-2228

Teenline Adolescent Services (24-Hour Helpline) - 
717-763-2345 or

Women’s Behavioral Health Services - 717-763-2228

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