Financial Assistance

Helping Those in Need

We are a community Catholic health system sponsored by the Sisters of Christian Charity to carry out the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to all in need. As such, one of our core values is our unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of others with compassion and competence.

Even though our patients assume the financial responsibility of paying for all services rendered (either through their insurance company or through personal finances), we realize that not all patients are able to fulfill that responsibility.

To that end, our financial counselors stand ready to serve you regarding your hospital bills at 717-763-2885. (It is important to remember that in addition to your hospital bill, you may also receive bills from other sources, such as an ambulance company, ER physicians, radiologists, etc.)

Among the services our financial counselors provide:

· Helping patients qualify for Pennsylvania Medical Assistance.

· Assisting patients who do not qualify for Pennsylvania Medical Assistance with completion of our financial assistance application.

· Exploring other areas, including interest-free installment payments.

· Discounting your bill based primarily on household size and income.

In addition, we also offer a discount of 20 percent for patients who pay their balance in full at time of service.