Professional Practice

We are committed to promoting professional nursing practice through clear communication, ownership, accountability and trust by providing an environment of autonomy and respect while upholding the values of dignity, wholism, service, stewardship, quality and integrity.

Professional Practice Model

Holy Spirit Hospital's Professional Practice Model describes how we practice, collaborate, communicate, and develop professionally at Holy Spirit.

Click here to download a PDF of the Professional Practice Model chart.

Shared Governance Structure

Holy Spirit Hospital’s nursing department incorporates a shared decision-making process to promote professional growth and optimal patient care and outcomes through a structure of both hospital-wide and unit-based councils.

Coordinating Council

Staff Nurse Leader: Jonna Morris, RN, PCCN

Staff Nurse Co-Leader: Danne Palm, RN

Purpose: Functions as the central point for the coordination of council activities for the purpose of achieving outcomes in the areas of nursing service, evidence based practice and research, education, relationship management, nursing excellence, technology, and nursing quality.

Night Shift Council

Staff Nurse Leader: Denise Cutting, RN

Staff Nurse Co-Leader: Mylinda Coble, RN

Purpose: To improve patient care and the work environment for staff on the night shift.

Relationship Management Council

Staff Nurse Leader: Jennifer Hixenbaugh, RN

Staff Nurse Co-Leader: Mary Brinson, RN

Purpose: Defines, implements, and maintains exemplary service throughout each nursing unit; responsible for reviewing specific unit satisfaction scores and developing solutions for improvement; supports the process for prompt resolution of patient grievances and/or complaints; gathers knowledge and resources to understand diverse cultures seen most commonly in the service area for both patients and staff; educates care givers on diverse cultures by identifying norms and practices of a particular group (culture); develops optimal mode of health care delivery recognizing the variability of nursing approaches needed to provide culturally appropriate care that incorporates an individual's cultural values, beliefs, and practices including sensitivity to the environment from which the individual comes and to which the individual may ultimately return.

Nurse-Physician Collaboration Team

Co-Chairs: Lisa Lewis, MSN, RN, NEA-BC & Dr. Joseph Torchia, CMO

Purpose: Fosters enhanced collaborative relationships for the benefit of patient care.

Evidence-Based Practice/Research Council

Staff Nurse Leader: Danne Palm, RN

Staff Nurse Co-Leader: Jenny Boyarski, BSN, PCCN

Purpose: Reviews and makes recommendations for clinical policies and procedures and standards of care; fosters the utilization of evidence-based practice and research in clinical decision making.

APN Council

Staff Nurse Leader: Cindy Swartz, MS, RN, ACNS-BC

Staff Nurse Co-Leader: Mark Parsons, CRNA

Purpose: Provide advice, leadership, mentoring, education, problem identification and options for a solution to topics critical to the success of all Holy Spirit Hospital's Advanced Practice Nurses.

Nursing Quality Council

Staff Nurse Leader: Christy LePore, RN

Staff Nurse Co-Leader: Beth Meadath, RN

Purpose: Facilitates dissemination of transparent and timely data; recommends change to behaviors which lead to improvements; shares best practices to improve processes at the unit level; refers systems issues to appropriate sources; evaluates unit action plans for low performing indicators.

Nursing Excellence Council

Staff Nurse Leader: Betsey Davison, RN

Staff Nurse Co-Leader: LaRay Crouthermel, RN

Purpose: Defines, implements, and maintains a supportive physical and psychosocial work environment; responsible for recruitment and retention, staff satisfaction, and celebration activities.

Magnet Champions

Staff Nurse Leader: Andrea Weatherford, RN

Staff Nurse Co-Leader: Sue Horton, RN

Purpose: Is knowledgeable of the Framework for Magnet and the Magnet Model components; educates, motivates, and promotes staff understanding of Magnet; collects unit based information and evidence relative to each of the Magnet Model components; collaborates with the Nurse Managers and unit Shared Governance Councils to facilitate Magnet work.

Education Council

Staff Nurse Leader: Colleen Ranney, RN

Staff Nurse Co-Leader: Bethann Shaffer, RN

Purpose: Identifies learning needs to support nursing competency focusing upon ongoing staff education; enhance the skill acquisition, knowledge and confidence of the nursing staff through clinical, professional development, and academic opportunities; promotes the best outcomes for patients, families, and staff through the advancement and professionalism of nursing; informs patients about their health and empowers their decision-making about their health care.

Clinical Informatics Council

Staff Nurse Leader: Cleta Dolinger, RN

Staff Nurse Co-Leaders: Tom Abruzzo, RN & Jenna Troutman, RN

Purpose: Responsible for decisions that impact HSH staff with use of the computer information system (CIS); informs Holy Spirit staff of CIS project status; educates staff on use of CIS; provides support to end users during go-live; assists in decision making on system change requests.