LAP-BAND® Surgery

A minimally invasive solution for healthy weight loss.

What is the LAP-BAND® Program?

For the millions who wage a daily battle against obesity, LAP-BAND® represents a revolutionary yet simple and minimally invasive solution for healthy weight loss. Safe and FDA approved, LAP-BAND® reduces the stomach’s capacity and restricts the amount of food that can be eaten at one time. After surgery, LAP-BAND® patients feel satisfied sooner, stay full longer and eat less.

Our LAP-BAND® program is designed to support positive long-term dietary and lifestyle changes and has offered hope to hundreds of patients who report lasting satisfaction with the results. Want to learn more? View Our Video.

What to Expect from the LAP-BAND® Program



  • Contact your insurance provider. (LAP-BAND® is often covered by major insurance providers, who typically require you to meet certain qualifications and participate in the complete program.) A payment plan for self-payers is also available.
  • Start a supervised diet and exercise plan – which continues throughout the program and into the future.
  • Receive assessments and counseling, including nutritional consultation, physical assessment for mobility and psychiatric evaluation.
  • Participate in sleep study and labs.
  • Undergo medical tests, such as UGI, EGD and colonoscopy, if needed.

The LAP-BAND® Procedure

LAP-BAND® uses laparoscopic surgery (very small incisions for shorter recovery) to place a band around the upper part of the stomach, like a belt. Your LAP-BAND® is tailored to your individual anatomy. Our surgeons can adjust your fit with precision via an access port just below the skin. They use a saline solution to inflate or deflate the tubing, arriving at the ideal stomach capacity to modify your food consumption. Compared to Gastric Bypass, LAP-BAND® is less invasive, more easily reversible, and has a lower risk of complications.

Post-Procedure and Follow-Up

After the procedure, you will receive the best in standard post-surgical follow-up care. Your doctor can periodically adjust the LAP-BAND® to change the stomach’s capacity and the amount of food that can be eaten at one time. For optimum and permanent results, you are encouraged to follow the diet and exercise plan established during the program.

Patients can benefit from sharing their experiences at one of our ongoing support groups. Please call 717-761-7244, Ext. 7 for more information.

Insurance Acceptance and Self-Pay Options

LAP-BAND® is safe and FDA-approved for qualified patients and is often covered by major insurance providers. We also have a payment plan option for self-payers.


We accept most major insurance plans; however, please contact your provider directly to confirm your coverage for the LAP-BAND® bariatric surgery program.

In addition, insurance providers typically require you to meet certain qualifications and to participate in the complete program. Our program includes counseling and nutrition education. Contact your provider for specific details. For more on our program requirements, click here.


For those who may not be covered by an insurance plan, we have a self-pay program. Our self-pay option includes the complete LAP-BAND® program: initial consultation, preoperative office visits, nutritional counseling by a registered dietitian, psychological evaluation, esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD), pre-admission testing and preoperative electrocardiogram (EKG). The surgery includes operating room charges, anesthesia, procedure medications, a postoperative recovery room, an overnight hospital stay and a follow-up x-ray. The comprehensive fee also includes follow-up visits for one year post-surgery, including band adjustments as necessary and addressing any postoperative complications within 90 days of surgery.

For further details on our payment plans, please call 717-761-7244, Ext. 7.

Do you qualify for LAP-BAND®?

Patients must meet the following requirements to be considered for the LAP-BAND® program:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a BMI of at least 40 (or of at least 35 in conjunction with one or more serious health conditions related to excess weight, such as type 2 diabetes) or be at least 100 pounds overweight
  • Have made serious attempts to lose weight with only short-term success
  • Have an obesity diagnosis
  • Have a letter of necessity from their primary care physician
  • Participate in our complete program

To learn more about LAP-BAND®, contact Kunkel Surgical Group.

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