Special Communication Needs

Making Sure Your Voice is Heard

Communication is essential to quality care and positive outcomes. Moreover, patients have the right to be communicated with in a manner that is clear, concise, and understandable. To ensure effective communication for all of our patients, we offer the following services:

Foreign language translation is available at no charge through Telephonic Interpretation Service. Specialized third-party telephone interpreters are available round-the-clock to translate and facilitate a timely exchange of accurate information. Please ask your nurse to make the arrangements. Also, please note that under no circumstances should children be used as interpreters; we highly encourage the use of a trained medical interpreter rather than using family members or friends. Sign language interpretation is arranged at no cost to the patient. For assistance, call Language Services at 763-2291 or the operator by dialing 0.

For patients who are hearing impaired, we offer the following: Holy Spirit maintains TTD/TTY telecommunications machines, which are about the size of a small laptop computer with a keyboard and small screen that displays typed text electronically. The text is transmitted live, via a telephone line, to a compatible device, which can be used to respond. The hospital provides instructional materials and directional graphics, as well as a private sound system called the Pocket Talker.

If you have special communication needs, contact the hospital in advance of your treatment.