Helping Teens and Those Who Care About Them

Our comprehensive Teenline service is designed specifically to aid young people and their families, as well as other groups and individuals such as teachers and church leaders who are involved with teenagers. If you’re a parent trying to deal with a troubled teen, we can help. If you are a Central Pennsylvania teen and need somewhere to turn, we can help you, too.

Our Teenline service includes:


• Workshops, presentations and trainings on a variety of mental health topics for parents, schools, community groups and businesses

• Education in parenting skills

• Availability of educational and training materials


• Teenline 24-hour telephone helpline 717-763-2345 or 800-722-5385

• On-site mental health assessments provided to contracted schools

• Mental health assessments provided at Holy Spirit Hospital’s Behavioral Health Center

• Information and referral to all necessary medical, mental health, drug and alcohol, and social services

• Co-facilitation of support groups for children and adolescents at risk


• Assistance to area communities, schools and businesses following the death of an individual(s)

• Grief counseling to individuals, groups and families

• SAP (Student Assistance Program)

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How is Teenline Connected to the Schools and Communities?

Teenline counselors work as mental health liaisons to the school’s Student Assistance Program (SAP) teams. The SAP teams consist of school personnel who are trained to identify and refer students who are experiencing barriers to learning and school success, and may be at risk for mental health and/or drug and alcohol concerns. Teenline provides the following services regarding mental health concerns to school personnel, individuals and families, and other area professionals:

• Behavioral health services

• Outpatient mental health services, including individual, group and family therapy 

• Psychiatric, psychological, and drug and alcohol evaluations

• Educational workshops, presentations and training on mental health topics 

• Teenline 24-hour telephone helpline: 717-763-2345 or 800-722-5385

• Grief counseling for individuals and families.